Essay About Sport – Writing Instructions

An essay about sport is a very interesting topic. Essays on sport activities are used as examples by professional writers to illustrate certain points that are important to them. The history of sporting events, their impact on society in general and the way in which certain sports have formed the national pastime and sport for the international arena is also discussed. This gives an opportunity for students to learn about some of the most popular and influential sporting activities in the world today.

An essay about sport would normally include a history lesson. It might talk about how the concept of fair play evolved out of a need for understanding the behavior of the different sportsmen involved. The introduction of the game of cricket for example, introduced a different set of rules to the one followed in the English public schools. Cricket lovers soon made sport an acceptable form of entertainment after the modifications were brought about. A sports essay discusses this development in more detail.

An essay about sports activities is also supposed to take the issue of racism and discrimination head on. In the 21st century, there have been serious discussions regarding equal opportunity in all walks of life. Sport too has been the cause of much discussion concerning racial discrimination. A sports essay discusses these issues and the controversy that followed them in the past.

Many students find the selection process for scholarships and contests a great source of pride. They feel that the selection procedure for contests was unfair at some point in time. This may have been true in the earlier periods when there were no regulatory bodies in place to prevent people from taking unfair advantage of others. The introduction of the Olympic committees and the criteria that they apply to athletes has helped to eliminate some of the disparity that existed in selection over the years. Competitions such as the Olympic Games encourage the participation of all citizens regardless of race, colour or religion.

An essay about sport would look closely at the various sporting activities that are popular with students. Students must show that they have an interest in any particular sport and the type of sport that they choose. They should go into detail about their involvement in that sport and how it has influenced their choices as a student. It is important to be honest in your admissions. If you are not particularly proud of your sporting activities, there are plenty of other students who could use your information to earn an athletic scholarship.

Students who are not particularly proud of their sporting achievements should still have a viable argument for why their performance in that area of sport deserves some sort of recognition. A detailed argument will increase your chances of getting your essay published and will increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice. Essay about sport should be written in a conversational style. High quality, concise writing is a must.