Wondering “Example Persuasive Essay?” Here It Is!

Learn how to properly write, research, format, and argument a persuasive essay. Organize the key sections of your essay with ease:

I. Write Your Essay in the Form of a Persuasive essay When you are finished writing your essay, you must always write from the perspective of the writer. You should think of yourself as presenting arguments and use examples to support your arguments. You should also consider the main points of your essay, and how they will affect the reader, before you begin your body paragraph.

II. Begin With a Winning Introductory Premise Your introduction is the first part of your essay, and it is critical that you start your essay with a powerful introduction. Use the examples in this book to help you with your introduction. Make sure your introduction is written in a clear and concise style. Once you have your introduction finished, you can then move on to the body of your essay.

III. Develop Your Supporting Evidence Remember from the example above where you used the example persuasive essay to help you with your introduction? The same strategy works here. You should develop your supporting evidence, which is your best and most convincing argument for your position.

IV. End With a Powerful Conclusion The conclusion of your persuasive essay is your last chance to sum up everything you have learned throughout your study of the topic. It is important to emphasize your strong points using examples and anecdotes. End your essay by summarizing your position with reasons and proof. You can close your body paragraph with a final call to action.

Learning how to write a persuasive essay requires practice. You need to think of yourself as an essay writer, rather than a typical author. Write each paragraph using the example persuasive essay outline. This strategy will help you see your own unique way of writing a persuasive piece of copy. With enough practice, you will become an expert at writing persuasive essays and you will be able to use this expert knowledge to sell your own or someone else’s product.

Following the example persuasive essay can help you learn how to develop an essay that is persuasive and reader-friendly. Make sure to revise and edit your essay following the example’s format. If it is not convincing enough, your writing may not be persuasive enough. You can use Donald Trump’s “Books Should Be Read in Newsstands” as a personal example of how readers should think about various issues.

The same strategy can be used for all of your essays, except those written with a parenthetical citation or when you must emphasize your arguments with specific examples. For instance, if you are discussing the rising costs of health care, you should quote an article from the Washington Post’s Health Ink blog. However, you should use a parenthetical citation when you discuss the effects of the rising costs on families. The quote should link to the post to reinforce your point or explain why the effect is negative.